The ALLKOV neckband - mask

The ALLKOV neckband - mask is a true 3-in-1 solution that attaches to your helmet and combines :

  1. A COVID mask validated category 1
  2. An anti-scratch protection for your ski mask or helmet visor
  3. A neck strap to protect your face/neck from the cold.

A mask suitable for skiing and any mountain sport

The ALLKOV mask - neck strap will allow you to enjoy the winter season by breathing the fresh mountain air while protecting those around you in enclosed spaces (certified COVID category 1 AFNOR CERTAM-DGA protection mask).

Unlike other solutions on the market which are not suitable when wearing a ski helmet (the neck strap hits the helmet strap and standard masks cut the ears), the ALLKOV has been designed in combination with a helmet and remains attached to it.

With ALLKOV you are guaranteed to have a protective mask that complies with the rules of the ski resorts and is specific to the practice of mountain sports!

Discover above the numerous colors declinations and fun decorations! It's time to enjoy and finally let go!